Golf Club Regripping Service

Raleigh, NC

Swing Right is a preferred dealer of golf grips from leading manufacturers from Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn, Superstroke and more.  We have in stock standard size, midsize and jumbo size golf grips offered in different textures from rubber, corded and leather.



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Grip Texture & Weight

Grips come in a variety of styles, focusing on feel and weight.  The rubber-style grips come in stiff and soft styles, allowing for varying degrees of shock absorption and smoothness. Some rubber grips also are very light, adding little weight to the golf club which can increase clubhead speed and in most cases create a few more yards in your shots.  Corded grips typically are a mix of real and synthetic rubber which help golfers with sweaty hands to stay drier.  Corded grips tend to weigh slightly more than rubber grips but offer that extra grip to hold on to the golf club.  

Grip Sizing

If the golf club grip is too small for your hands, the club could twist, forcing you to tighten your grip and squeeze the club at impact with the ball. This will close the face of the club and cause the shot to hook instead of fly straight. If the grip is too large, the club can come loose at the bottom of the swing, opening the club face and creating a slice instead of a shot toward the target. Without the correct size grip, your shots are more likely to go to the left or right of the target instead of online.


Let Swing Right staff help make the golf grip selection process easier by understanding what you are looking with our large selection of grips in stock.